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The best man in the world

My future husband is the best man on this planet. He is a very caring person and always puts others before himself. He is a real man. Man enough to stand by my side even though he knows I can usually hold my own. And he is not intimidated by it, as most men would be, but just thinks highly of me instead . That, to me, is the definition of a real man. Any man can get respect from someone who feels weak and inferior. But that isn't necessarily true love and respect. Children will love their parents no ...

Hotel in Denmark

I went to Denmark with my family a couple of years ago. We and another family went there. We live in sweden so the trip didn't take that long. But Denmark is really nice actually. We checked into a hotel there which was very pleasant. It had a great hotel software which is critical for every hotel! I would love to work at a hotel. Or at least try it out for a couple of days. I knew some friends who ran a hotel together a couple of years ago. Maybe i should ask them if I could help!

Day trip

My family from Holand is coming to Sweden in July this year. Most of the days we eat at home but when we visit Stockholm we stay for dinner there. And I happen to find this really good restaurant. I think it is the best Chinese restaurant in Stockholm. I am happy I found it because I know my sister loves Chinse food. And for the kids it is nice to eat with chopsticks for a time. They are quite good at eating with chopsticks. After dinner we can go for a walk beside the water. Stockholm is so beautiful ...